Avalon Characters, Naomi Wind Song

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Need something to spice up your game, but you are all out of ideas? Well, Avalon Games' Pathfinder series is here. Yep, we have done all the work for you, so all you have to do is run the game. Use Avalon Characters as a one-off encounter for your players, or as a recurring NPC, one that will add fun and excitement to your game time after time. Even better, each character is designed to be used as a Play Character Background should you feel like adding their story to your game. Versatile and fun, this and other issues in the Avalon Pathfinder line are sure to fulfill your gaming needs each and every time.

A mage and her lost cat spell a lot of trouble for the PCs.

Don't wait, get all the characters you will even need and come sit at the Round Table of Fun with Avalon Games.

Written by Robert Hemminger