Astral Empires: The Ships of Solar Ecliptic

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Need starship counters for your Astral Empires tactical combat game? Or for any other favorite starship warfare game? Want to know more about the Solar Ecliptic 2100 AD setting? Or do you just plain love science fiction and its related starships and other technology?

Then this is the book for you.

With 140+ ship counters, brief background information about the different Solar Ecliptic fleets and new artwork detailing the setting, this supplemental book is a wealth of material for gaming in the Astral Empires or any other science fiction setting.

  • Information on starships and technology of the 02100–02200 AD era
  • 140+ top-view ship counters
  • Additional starship artwork for enhancing the Solar Ecliptic experience
  • Short fleet briefings on Pax Europa, the Panasian Sphere, the Crown States Royal Navy, NorAm/Western Alliance, Yamato Corporate, Northern Bloc, Medina League, New Masada, and the African Union.

NOTE: This is a supplemental resource for the Astral Empires: Solar Ecliptic 02100 AD setting but can also be used independently. Free game stats for the ships contained in this book are available at

Written by Kevin Monk