Astral Empires: Nova Command

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Astral Empires: Nova Command

Starship Combat in the 6th Millenium

Take command of powerful military starships you can design yourself and send them into combat with Nova Command from Port Nova Media. Based upon a popular ruleset with a decade of history behind it, Nova Command offers you the chance to control one of numerous fleets from the Astral Empires universe while also allowing you the opportunity to construct your own ships. Awaiting your leadership are a wide variety of factions including the advanced Technocracy, the eugenic Barons of Machiavelli, the powerful Felinoid Consortium, the insectoid Qajari Writh, the Corporate Fleets of the Merchanteer's Alliance and the mysterious robotic Omnicron Singularity. You're certain to find a fleet you want to play. Includes a wide variety of systems to equip your ships so you'll be on your way to conquer the known universe in no time at all!

Includes 40-page rulebook, 30-page book of appendices and play aids, and 57-page ship fleet book.

Written by Kevin Monk