Astral Empires D6 RPG GM Guide

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Once in the ancient past (okay, the 1980s and early 1990s) there was an RPG that set the standard for cinematic science fiction gaming. Many gamers got their start with this system only to see it fade away somewhat in recent years. Now in the year 2011, OpenD6 returns to the stage to bring Astral Empires to life!

The Galaxy Master's Guide is a useful resource for GM-ing any science fiction RPG, with tips on creating adventures, tools for designing planets, creating atmosphere, and methods for offering character advancement. While grounded in the Astral Empires universe, the Galaxy Master's Guide is flexible enough to be adapted to multiple settings whether you choose to dabble in popular existing universes or create your own from scratch!

100 pages with black and white/color illustrations

Written by Kevin Monk