Astral Empires Combo Pack

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Astral Empires

The Roleplaying Game Powered by OpenD6

Once in the ancient past (okay, the 1980s and early 1990s) there was an RPG that set the standard for cinematic science fiction gaming. Many gamers got their start with this system only to see it fade away somewhat in recent years. Now in the year 2011, OpenD6 returns to the stage to bring Astral Empires: The Roleplaying Game to life!

Astral Empires: The Roleplaying Game combines an exciting new universe with the respected and established game system that once brought roleplaying to "a galaxy far, far away." In the deep, dark of space adventure lives again! With this complete system styled along the lines of classic sci-fi rpgs of the past you can explore the Mosaic Galaxy as a xenoarcheologist, fight ground wars against the dreaded Gladitorial Axis in your combat mecha, become a pirate of the Galactic Main or anything else your imagination can think of. Everything you need to get started including character generation, combat rules, sample races and character types, world generation and a broad assortment of weapons, vehicles, starships and equipment comes together along with an expansive new setting all for one low price.

Included is the illustrated 260 page core rules book, the 100 page GM guide, and the 94 page Technology Guide.

Written by Kevin Monk