Archetype Mine?



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Archetype Mine? is a two-part adventure for EABA's NeoTerra setting.

Even in the future the rich can't always get what they want, and those overly impressed with themselves can be crushed under their own self-realization. The PCs are hired by the eccentric Master Carabol to help clinch his place in history as an Archetype Champion. This adventure will help players and GMs alike learn the basics of NeoTerra society and lets them face some tough moral dilemmas, or just shoot their way out of them.

While designed for NeoTerra, this adventure is suitable (with varying levels of modification) for many sci-fi, modern, or even post-apocalyptic worlds. Most of the locations can be easily transported and the underlying precepts of the campaign could easily be shifted from NeoTerra society to that of corporate espionage, cult revenge, government cover-up, or even alien tradition.

Archetype Mine? includes 25 pages, with (all original!) cover art and character illustrations, as well as 4 maps of important areas in the adventure. And who can argue about the price!

By Aaron Kavli