Arcane Wars 1, Mini-Game #40

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Lord Yar issued the command with a wave of his hand. With a surge his mounted knights leaped into the charge, their lances lowered, ready to trample and pierce their goblin foes under heavy warhorses.

With a scream the Warlock's dragon plunged out of the clouds above the battlefield, dropping down onto the charging knights. Flames and death followed as the mounted warriors' charge was broken by the great beast of scales and wing. The victory did not last long though, as the high lord Wizard cast a mighty lighting bolt to strike the dragon dead, leaving it falling out of the skies and crashing into the front lines of the goblin hordes.

Lord Yar cringed at the carnage that was already sweeping over the battlefield. The two great mages would both continue to throw their forces at each other, cast spells and counter these magics with their own powerful spells. By the end of the day, Yar doubted that anyone would be left alive.

This is Arcane Wars, another great Mini-Game from Avalon Games. Arcane Wars is a fast, fun game of magical conquest and war. Can your forces defeat your rivals before being ground under their boots? Fully expandable, the system will showcase two new mages with each edition, as well as new hex boards, troops, magic, and more. Gathered together, these different editions will create a massive game system which will devour hours of your time. So be warned, this game can be addictive.

This first set covers the forces and magic of the Arch-Mage and the Vile Warlock Lord. Each set comes with enough counters, map tiles and goodies to play, and when combined with other sets you can create a massive game system where several players can struggle for control of the magical realms of Arcane Wars.

Written by Robert Hemminger