Arcana Journal #5

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The true wonders of Arcana are explored in these monthly journals. Each issue will focus on a hex within the game world, offering rumors, hidden lore, and detailed descriptions of all the important sites and people of that area. Full-color maps (also offered in easy black-and-white print) will be offered on the hex itself, plus all sites of worthwhile note, such as towns and major adventure sites. Floor plans of castles and other locations will also be offered.

Added to this detailed write-up of the hex, each issue will also focus on other aspects of the game world, its history, important people, the Magi, and gaming classes. When you add it all up, these journals take the mundane and make it magical. It is through the Journals that the Arcana game world will grow, expand ,and become a living place of adventure.

This issue of the Journal will cover the following aspects of the game world.

  • Hex 7, the Duchy of Cheram, and the Dragon Isles
  • Arcana Lore, Sources
  • Encyclopedia Magicica Arcana, "C"
Written by Robert Hemminger