Altered Earth

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It is said that this planet was once green and full of life. They also say that a great civilization stretched across the entire globe. We can never be sure, for all we know of this forgotten civilization comes from the crumbling ruins that lie buried deep beneath the sands of the wastes.

It is said that civilization was destroyed not in a single apocalyptic war, but in an endless stream of small ones. The world turned barren not because of a massive cataclysm, but a slow poisoning from radiation and toxic waste. The population was devastated not by a single plague, but multiple pandemics brought on by diseases that were once curable. So came about the end of the old world. The legacy of this ancient civilization was a long dark age of violence, economic ruin, starvation, and disease.

Out of the darkness came the rise of the warlords, invincible masters of the old technologies. Under their reign, a new age has begun. This is the age of the mega cities, standing defiantly against the horrors of great wastes. The world has entered an era of technological rebirth and unimaginable savagery. Along with the rediscovery of ancient technologies have come horrific new uses for this knowledge. Human experimentation is commonplace and life is held cheap by those in power.


There are many types of adventures that can be had in the world of Altered Earth. It all depends upon the type of role-playing campaign you enjoy. There is something for everyone in this setting, from in-depth social role-playing to military combat to high-tech dungeon crawls.

The player characters may find themselves . . .

  • exploring ancient ruins in search of lost technological relics.
  • infiltrating the fortress of a super powered warlord.
  • crawling through the mutant-inhabited sewers and tunnels beneath a sprawling mega-city.
  • crossing a desolate wasteland populated by strange creatures and insane robots.
  • battling against (or becoming) criminals in a dystopian urban nightmare.

Written by David Caffee