All Purpose Miniature Rules #1, Avalon Mini-Games #120

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How many times have you looked at some new figures in the store only to say "Those are neat but I don't play that game."? Or you've seen a game but not had the figures to play? Now that problem is solved. This is a game of miniatures combat that utilizes any miniatures you own.

With these rules you can recreate classic military battles, like Gettysburg and the Battle of Hastings. You can see what would have happened if a squad of Viet-Nam-Era U.S. Troops went to the Alamo and fought against the Mexicans, or if space Marines were helping the Greeks at Thermopylae. Anything you'd like to do is fair game.

The game itself is divided into four primary parts: Skirmish Combat, Mass Combat, Vehicles and Creatures, and Special Powers. The Skirmish rules, presented here, are for the actions that include less than 24 figures on a side, and use primarily 25–30mm figures.

Note that you will need this first part of the game rules as it supplies all the basics rules and mechanics for the system as a whole.