Alien Armada, Mini-Game #19

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Ensign Jones tried to get the Too-Nai gun ship into the sights of his fusion cannon, but the damned alien craft just kept "skipping" about, its holo screens making it damn near impossible to get a target lock with his scanners. "Damn!" Jones muttered under his voice, if they did not stop these alien invaders here at the orbit of Mars . . . well, there wasn't must to stop them from heading to Earth next.

This is Alien Armada, the newest Mini-Game from Avalon Games. The first expansion of the Armada game system, now you can take control of two different alien races as they battle for control of the universe. A fully stand alone game in its own right, Alien Armada can though be added to the other Armada expansions to generate more and more space war fun!

Armada is a fast-paced game of space fleet battles, waged across the solar system. Players will need to be decisive in their game play, all the while trying to protect their fleet's ships, waiting for the right moment to strike.

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Written by Robert Hemminger