Advanced Adventures #15: Stonesky Delve

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Stonesky Delve is an OSRIC module designed for 6-10 adventures of levels 4-7. This is the tournament module run at Gen Con Indy 2010.

Giant Stonesky Mountain has been a spiritual home for the dwarves since the first clan received the Four Pillars of the Underearth from Motsognir. The voice of the dwarven deity purified the halls and caves under Stonesky, and the mountain has been a sanctified place for all the various dwarven peoples. And now, as lamentable dwarven internal conflicts rage on, a new entrance into the Stonesky has prompted an exploratory party. Unwilling to send his own into the dark hole when they are so desperately needed elsewhere, the local Hlafords hired you for your delving expertise. Your mission enter, explore, map, and do not return to the surface until the passing of three days! Who knows what challenges, wonders, and dangers lie ahead?

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Written by Joseph Browning