ACTUAL Spacemonkey

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There's a specific type of technology-orientated character that isn't well served by the other Advanced Classes. Less formally trained than the Engineer, less focused on robots than the Techie, less downright weird than the Technosavant, this character is like Larry Niven's "Belters", Ben Bova's "Vacuum Breathers", or the cosmonaut from the movie Armageddon that the heroes met on board Mir.

While not being combat-oriented, these characters can still handle themselves in a fight. However, their primary skills are the ability to survive and thrive in a sealed environmental like a spacecraft or space station, and being able to fix just about anything by hitting it in the right place.

The Space Monkey AdC in d20 Future is not this class. It's too combat-focused and the humorous names for the abilities don't work (at least not for me). The Engineer, Techie, and Technosavant are all perfectly good classes, but they don't quite fit the image of the greasy spanner monkey who practically lives in his space suit.

ACTUAL Spacemonkey does.

Written by Rich Fannon