A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Book 1.2: Romulan Ship Roster Card Pack

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The Romulan Empire is run by an emperor, with the support of the great houses (the 21 powerful families who control most of the Romulan economy). This creates a great deal of inefficiencies and waste as each great house is more interested in its own advancement than in progress for the entire empire. The refusal of the great houses to work together (along with a few Gorn commando raids) delayed the Romulan development of warp power by decades.

The Romulan fleet is based around three series of ship: their original Eagle series, the Kestrel series obtained from the Klingons, and the new Hawk series.

This ship roster card pack contains: KF5R-class destroyer, Snipe-B-class improved frigate, BattleHawk-class destroyer, SkyHawk-class destroyer, War Eagle-class cruiser, Queen Eagle-class cruiser, KR-class heavy cruiser, SparrowHawk-class war cruiser, King Eagle-class heavy cruiser, FireHawk-class heavy cruiser, KRC-class command cruiser, FastHawk-class fast cruiser, NovaHawk-class command cruiser, RoyalHawk-class command cruiser, Condor-class dreadnought, KC9R-class dreadnought, armed cutter (class-1 phaser), armed cutter (class-3 phaser/plasma), Prime Trader transport (plasma), Prime Trader transport (plasma), mobile base (plasma), and battle station.

You must have A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Book 1, Revision 2 in order to use these cards.

Written by Jon Woodland