A Baker's Dozen Tribes

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Are your orcs exciting? Anything about them stand out? Want to add a few flourishes without devoting any time or effort into it? Then this is the book for you! Detailed within this book are twelve no, thirteen different tribes that can be used for orcs, goblins, kobolds, or any similar race. Each tribe has enough information supplied for you to use without forcing you to do extra work to make it fit your campaign world. Just overlay these tribes onto your existing generic humanoids and change overly basic enemies into something your players will remember.

Whereas in other supplements we've given you ideas that you can flesh out on your own, here we've done the extra leg work for you. Each of the Board Enterprises' Baker's Dozen Supplements will give you thirteen immediately usable characters, locations, or items that you can use without wasting time on rules changes, etc. Not only should these tribes be a strong addition to your campaign, but they will help you by sparking more ideas for future adventures, characters and even campaigns.

This supplement contains:

  • 38 pages of content
  • 13 fully developed, interesting, humanoid tribes
Written by John Josten