15 Startown Hazards

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Cities can provide many challenges to a group of characters. Aside from all the normal difficulties that come from dealing with millions of people, at times it can seem like fate itself is trying to cause trouble for the characters while they are in a city.

15 Startown Hazards offers a selection of hazards the characters may face while in a city. While the title refers to a startown (a city built around a starport), the hazards can apply to any city the characters find themselves in. Whether you want a hazard that can slow the characters down in their adventure, be used as a source of a sidequest, or even lead on to a full adventure, you are sure to find options here that you can use in your own game.

A few of the hazards the characters may find themselves facing include:

  • Falling Danger.
  • Strike!
  • Sports Event.
  • Swarm of Thieves.
  • Bomb Threat.
  • Donations.

As an additional aid for the busy gamemaster, 15 Startown Hazards includes tables of suggestions for the names of NPCs, ships, bars, clubs, and cities.

15 Startown Hazards is available in two versions - a generic version that can be used with any system, or an EABA-specific version (for use with BTRC's EABA system).

Written by Jason Anderson