15 Starport Encounters

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In most space opera settings, at some time or another the PCs are going to be passing through a starport. Whether it's a massive structure that puts today’s modern airports to shame or the futuristic equivalent of a small tin shed on a hill, starports can be a fantastic location for adventures.

15 Starport Encounters offers 15 different encounters that the PCs could find themselves involved in when they next visit a starport. Each encounter has 3 different possible explanations (giving 45 different scenarios in all). You can choose to use one of the explanations as-is, combine several explanations into one, or use them as a springboard for your own ideas. To give each scenario even more flexibility, several complications are suggested that may make the PCs lives even more interesting.

A few of the situations the PCs could find themselves dealing with include:
Mysterious datastick
Conspiracy theories
Long-lost friend?
Woman in need
An old flame

As an additional aid for the busy gamemaster, 15 Starport Encounters includes several tables of suggestions for NPC names, ship names, bar and club names, as well as shop names for places the PCs may visit.

15 Starport Encounters can be used with any system.

Written by Jason Anderson