15 Space Opera Passengers

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In space opera settings that allow the PCs to own their own ship, transporting passengers is a common occurrence. But coming up with unique passengers for each trip can be a real drag for the gamemaster - all too often they get relegated to a simple "you find 5 people who want to travel."

15 Space Opera Passengers offers a wide selection of 15 people (or groups of people), each with 5 different stories who are seeking travel on the PC's ship (giving 75 different stories in total). Some of these stories can be the entire focus of a session, while others merely provide a diversion on the trip to make things more interesting.

A few of the passengers seeking travel on the PC's ship include:

Elderly Couple
Former Stage Actress
The Playboy
Newly-Wed Couple
A Disruptive Teenager
The Assassin

15 Space Opera Passengers can be used with any system.

Written by Jason Anderson