100 Professions

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Are your player characters full time adventurers? Do they ever take a month off, either while waiting for their armor to get fixed or for the next job to come up? Are they just sitting around spending all their hard won coins or do they go out and get a part time job? (You know they spent all their coins on that new suit of armor and don't have enough money to just sit around!)

100 Professions gives GMs and players an idea of some of the part-time jobs they can pick up between the adventures to pay for their room and board. No, they're not as exciting as slaying dragons, but they pay the bills. There's a paragraph describing each one plus stats on where to find them and how much they might pay. Who knows, the part-time jobs might lead to new adventures as well.

This is not simply a one page chart. You will get a small amount of detail, but enough that you will understand and be able to describe them to your players. They will take it from there.

This supplement contains:

  • 18 pages of content
  • 100 professions, each described by type, necessary skills, availability, and pay.

Written by John Josten