1 on 1 Adventures #20: The Tomb of Kara-Duir

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1 on 1 Adventures #20: The Tomb of Kara-Duir is a Pathfinder adventure designed for one GM and one player.

The tomb of Kara-Duir has finally been located! It is up to the player character to enter the tomb and retrieve the lost relic, the moon staff of Danu de Tuatha. Everything is going according to plan until the "resting place" of Kara-Duir turns out to just be a false tomb informing tomb raiders that only the fabled moon staff of Danu de Tuatha can find the real tomb and only the real tomb can recharge the great staff! Worse yet, the staff has been broken into three parts that first need assembly. Some days it just doesn't seem to pay to tomb rob . . . .

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Written by Jeffrey Tadlock / Joseph Browning