1 on 1 Adventures #19: Adventurer's Guild Local #409

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1 on 1 Adventures #19: Adventurer's Guild Local #409 is a Pathfinder adventure designed for one GM and one player.

Hoping to raise their profile in the community and recruit new members, the Fraternal Order of Adventurers Local #409 has announced a contest. Can you win the contest and gain free Guild Membership?

Sadly, in the last several years, membership in the Adventurer's Guild has fallen off. Many adventurers have wandered off to other lands in search of danker, darker, deeper dungeons filled with shinier treasure and fiercer monsters. Others have remained local but subscribe to a "right to delve" philosophy and prefer to go it alone, with no Guild to back them up. These days, the old Local #409 is a shadow of what it once was, with only a handful of members. Many of those members are too old to effectively adventure. The Guild Hall is in need of repair and most of the staff has been dismissed. The Guild, in short, is dying. Only you can revitalize the once-great Guild!

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Written by J Grey