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The Great City, Trades Ward

The Trades Ward is the beating commercial heart of the Great City. All adventurers sooner or later will visit this crowded district. In the middle of the trades ward the great market square is found, where an infinite number of small booths, peddlers, and self-calling vendors show up like magic at the first light of each day. The trades ward also features many brick-n-mortar shops, both facing the square and scattered in many alleys and small streets surrounding the great square. All of the common services can be found here: alchemists, locksmiths, armorers, tailors, weavers, weaponsmiths, brewing houses, and woodworkers. The number on the building refers to the map available in the Great City Blueprint. Some descriptions of these buildings follow:

• 2 - Curiosity Shop: This shop appears very small and anonymous, but inside you will find yourself in a faerie world, surrounded by all sorts of strange objects. However, the shop is not as small as it seems. A door leads upstairs to the second section of the shop, where only some customers are allowed. A secret door in this second shop leads to a top-secret area, where many strange and sometimes illegal objects are sold.

• 3 - Alchemist: This small shop is busy at all times. On the ground floor you can find the shop, where all sorts of potions are sold. Upstairs there is the laboratory, a chamber with a well providing fresh water, and a storage room. Hidden by a secret door is another storage room where the most precious (and dangerous) potions are kept.

• 4 - Locksmith: The largest locksmithy in the city. A large working area dominates the shop. A small office and a privy are the only other rooms here.

• 5 - Armors & Fine Weapons Shop: A small porch gives access to a fully-equipped weapon and armor store. The store has a secret room where magical armor and weapons are kept.

• 6 - Emporium: You can find just about anything in the great emporium. The main shop area is connected to a secondary storage room by well-locked double doors. Important deliveries of goods are discussed in the emporium owner's house on the first floor.

• 7 - Woodworker: A double door leads directly to the woodworker's laboratory. Special business is held in the small office, accessible through a small door from the laboratory.

• 8 - Fine Silks & Clothes Shop: An impressive array of silks and clothes are shown in the main shop area. This area also features large working tables where expert weavers cut clothes and silks. Another smaller shop area holds the best silks from distant southlands. The owner of the shop dwells on the first floor of this building with his family.

• 9 - Merchant's Guildhall: The guildhall is divided into two main areas: the public area and the private area. A hook-shaped corridor gives access to the facilities of the public area: the library, the meeting room, and the assembly room. The private area belongs to the guildmaster who usually dwells here.


Grid Style: This map product features a square grid.

Written by Mario Barbati