Foes STL – Octopus Warrior with 2-Handed Sword

Steve Jackson Games SKU: SJG13-3001-005


5 STL files plus a 1-page PDF in a single Zip file.


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This octopus is your free sample figure from Foes, our first STL project. Please print it out and enjoy! It is presupported for resin figures. It comes in two parts to make it easier to paint.

Octopi, armed and dangerous, are an important monster in The Fantasy Trip, but you can use this figure (and the rest of the set) in any number of games.

This package includes:

  • A README file with important information.
  • The octopus, supported version (two files).
  • The octopus, unsupported version, for those who might want to alter size and so on (two files).
  • A hexagonal base.