Space Gamer #58

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Space Gamer #58 (cover date December 1982) is a 52-page bottle of lightning – and the articles are fun to read, too!

In addition to the regular game reviews, news, and letters, this issue includes a full trunk of Car Wars support, including "Massacre at Midville," a list of news and game info on a four-wheelin' frontier; a short story – "Street Legal" – by noted sci-fi author John M. Ford, detailing an autoduel war without weapons; plus game info for street-legal struggles.

This issue also contains "Lair of the Fat Man," a tongue-in-cheek adventure for Top Secret; an in-depth review of the RoleAids line; and more!

Whether you're a fan of old-school gaming or a historian of our hobby, each issue of Space Gamer is the perfect passport to the past!

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Written by Steve Jackson / Aaron Allston / John M. Ford / W.G. Armintrout / Chris Smith / Richard Wolfe Jr / Kelly Grimes / John Rankin