GURPS Creatures of the Night, Vol. 4

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Serpents with human faces whisper enticingly, beckoning you to investigate. Bat-like monstrosities with reptilian skin blot the sky, making their victims fade away. Fleshy skulls with legs skitter toward water, driven by the same thirst that claimed the lives of their unwitting creators.

In this installment of Creatures of the Night, the eerie entities are linked by their determination to fulfill their needs, regardless of any obstacles. And if those "obstacles" include adventurers who get in their way . . . well, those unlucky investigators will probably be little more than a memory, perhaps a stain smeared by the stony feet of a shambling impossible construct. If they're fortunate, such hapless heroes might become unwitting allies, devoid of a soul or any desire but to help their master and heed its sweet voice. These six threats all contain information for GURPS, including adventure possibilities and variations enabling them to maintain their mystery through multiple appearances.

It takes tenacity to look into the darkness. And sometimes the darkness has the tenacity to hold its ground.

Written by Jason Levine / Scott Paul Maykrantz