GURPS Classic: Creatures of the Night

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Terror In The Darkness

Huge buildings that eavesdrop on unsuspecting guests. Hideous fish whose songs drive villages insane. Obscene voices whispering madness through the Net. Gruesome gardens full of living human organs. Crystalline creatures floating between our atmosphere and the starry depths of outer space. And things that look like vampires – but aren't . . .

This book describes a host of the most macabre, chilling, and downright disgusting creatures that ever peered from the shadows or lurked just out of sight – or right in front of you. Some are microscopic, others too large to imagine. All will haunt your dreams.

Each creature includes:

  • Complete information on attributes, size, habitats, and alternative names.
  • Descriptions of motivations, feeding habits, and social patterns.
  • The creature's origins – and what it takes to get rid of it.
  • Ideas for introducing it into a campaign, and adventure seeds – lots of ideas for storylines.

You'll never feel safe again, anywhere. From the worlds of high fantasy to those of high tech, these creatures will make your skin crawl – literally . . .

The GURPS Basic Set is required to use this book in a GURPS campaign.

Written by Scott Paul Maykrantz.