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The Roleplaying Game of Modern Horror, Second Edition

Back from the grave comes the second edition of Underground Games' classic horror RPG, Blood! Appropriately enough, rewritten and reconfigured by Postmortem Studios.

The new edition holds over 150 pages of blood, gore, violence, psychopaths, insanity, zombies, vampires, chainsaws, belt sanders, gratuitous injuries, and other material to help you create a suitably nasty atmosphere for any type of horror game.

  • Gritty and deadly percentile system to evoke the harsh brutality and fetishized violence of the genre.
  • Over 25 maim-worthy critical hit tables.
  • Statistics for household items, tools, and many other unconventional items to be used as weapons - almost 400 of them.
  • Almost 30 different profession templates, and rules for your own.
  • Rules for insanity, exhaustion, and bleeding.
  • Over 90 skills.
  • Fantastic art by Gavin Hargest, Darkzel, Bradley K. McDevitt, and Paul Campion.

Blood! is the unashamed and unflinching horror game for the horror aficionado who wishes to recreate the visceral, stomach-churning horror of the video-nasties of the '70s and '80s as well as their more modern imitators.

You will die, but you will enjoy it.

Written by James Grim Desborough