Ogre Sponsored Counter Sheet (Uncommon Ogres)

Steve Jackson Games SKU: SJG7226


Two counter sheets.


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A sponsored sheet set from the Ogre Kickstarter, Uncommon Ogres features two sheets of Ogres, Admin Buildings, Laser Towers, and Turrets in various camouflage and faction patterns.

Sheet E5 has a Mark III, Mark V, Admin Building, Laser Tower, and Turret in arctic dazzle colors. It also has a damaged Combine Mark III and a "marauder" faction Mark III.

Sheet E6 has a "Sons of Old Nassau" Mark III, as well as a Vatican Mark III, Mark V, Admin Building, Laser Turret, and Tower (all compatible with the Barbarians at the Gate sponsored sheets). It also has a Nihon Mark III (compatible with the Nihon Empire sponsored sheet).