Ogre Reinforcements

Steve Jackson Games SKU: SJG1316

Contents: Five 3-D units (3 Ogres, 2 CPs), 56 counters, 25 overlays, and a rulebook.


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Get even more out of Ogre Sixth Edition with its first expansion, Ogre Reinforcements! This set features new units for both sides, all-new scenarios, and more map overlays.

Components include three additional Ogres for the Paneuropean faction, five new types of armored units for both the Paneuropean and the Combine sides, another complete set of basic Combine infantry, and two more 3-D Combine command posts. It also comes with town overlays for the map, which adds new complexities to movement.

There are even eight all-new scenarios written by Ogre designer Steve Jackson!

Ogre is the game of futuristic warfare, pitting squads of infantry, armor, and artillery against a single foe – the giant robot tank called the Ogre. Click here to learn more about the Sixth Edition.