Munchkin: The Floor Is Larva

Steve Jackson Games SKU: SJG1588


56 cards and a rulesheet in a tuckbox.


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Don't let the Bed Bug bite!

No, really. It's huge; you could lose an arm . . .

Speaking of bugs, Munchkin: The Floor is Larva adds the Bug Race from Star Munchkin to the ever-growing swarm in Munchkin. If compound eyes and wiggly antennae are your thing, these cards are for you!

This 56-card Munchkin expansion is ready to go marching one-by-one into your deck! Except for the DeviAnt – it does its own thing. Stay at a Roach Motel, where you'll be Snug as a Bug in a Rug, and it will make you a Bee Lever! Before you reach for your rolled-up newspaper or can of Wasp Spray, though, be sure you look down and check to see if . . . The Floor Is Larva!