Pyramid #3/05: Horror & Spies

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This month in Pyramid the PDF magazine for roleplayers – we look at "Horror & Spies." Within the 40 pages uniting these two venerable genres, we look at:

  • GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch's "X-Terminators," new templates and lenses for GURPS Action that build on the roles found in GURPS Loadouts: Monster Hunters.
  • A Cold War espionage/horror adventure for GURPS written by James Cambias, co-author of GURPS Space.
  • A generic espionage agency that can be used to battle the darkness . . . or eliminate those who know too much!
  • A horrific group of artifacts – the Bricks of Marû-Dù – that can serve as the campaign framework for spies and shadows to clash.
  • Ready-to-print encoded sheets that can be used on their own or tied to two of the articles in this issue. (It also includes an HTML program to generate your own code sheets!)

In addition, Pyramid serves up another batch of the things that make a magazine fun – including Odds and Ends, Murphy's Rules with Greg Hyland, reviews and recommendations that fit the theme, and a "Last Word," where we ask an industry luminary to pick a word or phrase related to the issue's theme. This month, Eloy Lasanta, creator of the Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. RPG, gives the last word on horror and spies.

Written by Sean Punch / James L. Cambias / Steven Marsh / Andy Vetromile / Matthew Pook / J. Edward Tremlett