MA: The Warden Armory

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A Sourcebook

This sourcebook includes more than 150 pieces of new combat equipment for Metamorphosis Alpha! Dozens and dozens of weapons, plus armor and shields; bots, droids, and drones; vehicles and exo-skeletons; and a few other miscellaneous items.

From the foreword by author James M. Ward:

This is a work of science fiction. The premise is that several cargo holds were filled with useful equipment for a planetary colonization effort, but unknown to the colonists, another hold was filled with powerful military weapons. The military commanders of the colonization starship Warden were the only ones who knew where this special cache was located.

This book is intended to stimulate adventures and quests to find and use all of this equipment. It doesn't matter what set of role-playing rules are used. Just trying to figure out how to use all of the interesting equipment is enough reason to play with this booklet. However, imagine the fun when a group of crazed mutants starts attacking using powerful suits of armor making them stronger and leap incredible distances. Player characters will want to find equipment like that for themselves. Such an effort instantly spawns a fun adventure quest. Or strange robots in the shape of dogs and giant snakes start attacking your town. You need to find out where they come from before they inflict any more damage – the trail leads . . . that way.

The booklet contains countless adventure possibilities. Whether your characters are primitive tribesmen on the Warden or newly woken soldiers in cold sleep for three hundred years, the Game Master will find this a perfect supplement for high adventure.

Written by James M. Ward