MA: The Mutation Manual

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A Character Sourcebook

This incredibly useful supplement features more than 200 new mutations for Metamorphosis Alpha! From the foreword by James M. Ward:

This is the one product that MA players have been asking for since the game came out 38 years ago. Mutations are fun to play and fun for the Game Master to run as well.

I feel the need to tell a Gary Gygax story here. He honored me by often asking me to run an MA game for his friends. Although Gary played lots of different characters from robots and androids to pure humans, every time he rolled up a mutant, one of the mental abilities of that mutant was TOTAL HEALING.

I would explain to Gary that TOTAL HEALING wasn't one of the mental choices. He would explain right back to me that it was in his rulebook. I would look at his book and he had written in pencil the TOTAL HEALING choice. I wouldn't let him use that mutation and the debate would rage for a few minutes until he had to give in. At that time he would always say, "Jim your game will never be complete until the TOTAL HEALING mutation is added to the rules."

As the years went by and new editions came out he would write in TOTAL HEALING in every booklet and I wouldn't let him have it. The debate would begin again. As we put together this book, I felt I didn't have a choice. To honor the best RPG designer in this or any other time, I added TOTAL HEALING.

Now the game is officially complete.

Written by James M. Ward