MA: Death Ziggurat in Zero-G

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An Adventure

This is the only home you've ever known. They call it the Silver Waste—a desert sea of silvery dunes blasted by endless sandstorms during the day and freezing temperatures at night. For generations, your tribe has clung to life in a concrete building subsisting on the trickle of edible goo spewing from a broken replicator. You and the other hunters vie against rival mutant tribes and hungry scorplions in the scant hours between storms searching for fresh game and wondrous devices from a bygone age of technology. Is this all there is to life? No one that treks more than a couple miles from home ever returns. Everyone says they are dead, but that can't be true. Not all of them. What if there is a way through the giant impassable wall to the south? What if there is an easier way of life beyond the dunes? You've hoarded water and rations for weeks waiting for the right moment to set your plan into motion . . .

Written by Jobe Bittman