Lost Hall of Tyr (2nd Edition)

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Of Lengi las Ekki

That's "too long, did not read" in Torengur. And Icelandic, for that matter.

Lost Hall of Tyr (2nd Edition) is a mini-setting and adventure for the Dragon Heresy Roleplaying game. Dragon Heresy is a self-contained complete game in one volume, and the Introductory Set covers Level 1–5.

Lost Hall of Tyr (2nd Edition) contains

  • A non-linear adventure for 4–7 characters of Level 1–5
  • A detailed workup of the Viking-inspired town of Isfjall, suitable as either a home port for an extended campaign or a jumping off point for the adventure
  • Rules for overland journeys in the wild north, several adventuring locations, and of course the quest to rediscover the Lost Hall itself
  • A bestiary containing all the key creatures from the adventure, including the Dragon Heresy unique stats pre-calculated (Threat DC, Hit DC, wound and control thresholds, wounds, and vigor)

Lost Hall of Tyr (2nd Edition) is 112 pages long, in full color.

What's In the Book

Foreword. Matt Finch, Frog God Games designer, publisher, and all-around great guy, provided the foreword for the book. After so many fun ambush-interviews on Uncle Matt's D&D Neighborhood, I returned the favor and poked him for a few words.

Preface. Contains a brief discussion of the original volume and how it came to be.

Isfjall. An overview of the local geography and the situation that characters entering Isfjall will find themselves in upon arrival. Isfjall is described in enough detail to serve as a base for further adventures; Torengar is a place of constant strife and danger. This section has been added since the 1st edition.

The Journey. This section is broken out and expanded from the original volume. Random encounter tables, weather hazards, and other difficulties that arise when nature itself rises against you. Includes a table for generating weather and temperature, so nature can try to kill the PCs as well as the monsters.

Lögheimili Ruins. A dangerous place. Full of evil it is. In you must go. A micro-dungeon! You don't have to go in. But the undead are rising and threatening all of northwest Torengar, and the natural magic of Lake Odin is becoming unstable.

Domstollinn. The core scenario. It is presented as a set of encounters that can be tackled (or not) in any order. Each might be a riddle, combat, or a physical feat. An encounter will include a set of Challenges telling the GM what must be overcome, Concealed Information that the players don't know initially, Alternatives that explore ways to short-circuit, bypass, or otherwise not just Leroy Jenkins one's way through a challenge, and Rewards, where appropriate.

Goblin Warrens. Two additional micro-dungeons for the brave at heart to explore. More maps by Glynn! Fiendish traps in a faerie stronghold. The old kind of faerie, not the ones with puff-balls on their feet.

Bestiary. Each monster that may be encountered in the scenario is given a description, statistics, and combat tactics to make each one unique. Roughly 30 creatures are presented.

ENnie-Award winning cartographer Glynn Seal did the new maps. This book is a combination of the work and improvements done on both the first edition as well as the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game version of the adventure: Hall of Judgment.

Written by Douglas H. Cole