soft landing



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The world is running out of everything at the same time that everyone wants more of it. Or maybe not. soft landing is a game of politics, economics, diplomacy, and a little bit of strong-arming and backstabbing. Each player runs a different world power, and tries to either bring about a new era of technology . . . or be the last man standing when it all falls apart.

Which path will you choose?

soft landing is a board game with multiple layers of strategy for 3-6 players (plus a 2-player variant), that takes 60-90 minutes to play and is suitable for ages 12 and up. To print it, it requires about seven sheets of cardstock for the nation cards and score track, and seven sheets of regular paper for the rules. You can print the counters that come with the PDF, or use about twenty unique counters or tokens for each player. Snag the download to see a screen formatted version of the rules.

Written by Greg Porter