Infinite Armies



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Infinite Armies (or just iA) is maybe not the card game to end all card games, but we can hope . . .

It is probably the most sophisticated pdf game product ever made, and once you download the demo iArmy builder, you'll see why. It's also the first pdf-only product to be nominated for an Origins Award!

iA is a design-your-own-army card game that lets you customize everything, from the abilities of each unit, to the appearance of the card itself. And when you're done creating, you print it off, sleeve it and play it like any other card game.

It's a big download, but it's worth it. The basic rules include the combat/deck design rules, the iArmy builder, two sample army decks, forty pieces of importable card art, and four card skins.

The version 1.1 update further optimizes the card design pdf for smaller size and faster operation, and adds the ability to change text colors for better contrast with your custom card skins. The rules have also been slightly modified for faster play and to address possible play balance issues, so if you have version 1.0, you should get version 1.1 through the always-free BTRC upgrade policy.

Infinite Armies requires at least Acrobat Reader 5.1 for full functionality, and while you can print cards off with a greyscale printer, you get the best appearance with a color output device (a completed deck is seven pages of cards).

Infinite Armies. Create, customize, challenge.

Written by Greg Porter