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What if the world really did work the way it does in the movies? And what if you knew this up front? That's the premise of Hollyworld, where everyone's an actor, everything's a movie, and you can't be killed by an explosion if you are running away from it at the time. Why? It's just the way things are, just like it's always possible to fall from a height, and children and cute creatures must be rescued.

The Laws of Plot
. . .
11. Villains gloat.
12. It is possible to fall from any elevated position.
13. If you're a star, everything has handholds.
14. The fancier the uniforms, the shoddier the troops.
15. Invulnerability isn't.
16. Monsters escape.
17. Your cover will eventually be blown.
18. All computers are compatible with each other.
19. Lethal poisons and fatal diseases only really slow you down in the last few hours.
. . . and so on . . .

Hollyworld is a silly little 15-page PDF file that will set you back a measly two and a half bucks.

Written by Greg Porter