Footsteps of the Prophet v1.0 (Arabic Version)



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This is identical to the English version of the game, except the cards are in modern standard Arabic, with English subtitles. Only purchase this version if you are fluent in Arabic.

The Prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has died, and now someone else must take on the role of Khalifa, leading the faith. Can you unite the squabbling clans, pummel the Persians, beat back the Byzantines and unite the Arabian Peninsula?

More importantly, can you do it in spite of the other players?

Footsteps is a card game for 3-5 players, where each player is a Successor, someone capable of becoming Khalifa, with the charisma and leadership to build a following and command an army. Since only six of the first twelve Khalifa died of natural causes, there are frequent openings for the position . . .

The game includes 120 cards that you print on pre-perfed business card sheets or card stock, rules, a booklet of historical notes about the real-world events that the cards are based on and even a box template to give you something to put it all in. It takes between 1 and 2 hours to play. Yes, it is to some extent an educational game based on people and events in the early history of Islam, but it is also a game of strategy, diplomacy and a little bit of treachery.

Note: The cards print at high resolution. Please download the sample file and print it before you buy. If the compressed sample does not give you any problem, the full cards should work fine for you.