Fifth Edition Fantasy #20: One Night In The Sinister Citadel

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Set within an old citadel in the city of Broadgard is the Crylla Auction House. The Crylla clan are an eccentric merchant family of tieflings with a long history in the city. Many of Broadgard's elite are highly anticipating the opening of the auction house. Its inaugural event is the sale of a plethora of enchanted items. Such prized commodities are sure to draw unsavory buyers and seedy undesirables, so the auction house has hired the heroes as extra security to safeguard the vault. But the citadel itself has many buried secrets. Soon the local thieves' guild makes a run for the treasure, and one of the enchanted items they've pilfered has a mind of its own! It will not be a quiet night for our heroes. Skill with a blade is not always the answer, especially in the confines of city walls. The heroes will also need timely sleuthing and a glib tongue to unravel the mystery behind the Crylla Auction House. What lurks in the citadel's depths, and can the heroes survive one night in the sinister citadel?

Get out of the dungeon and into the city for a thrilling adventure! One Night in the Sinister Citadel is a 5e urban-based adventure suitable for a group of 2nd-level characters. This adventure is designed to be completed in a single session and includes a one-of-a-kind spell as well as a bevy of magic items.