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What if one morning, you woke up and superheroes actually existed? If hundreds of thousands of people worldwide suddenly had powers ranging from trivial to godlike? The same people, with the same hopes, dreams, flaws, and ambitions, but with powers so outside the scope of law and custom that there was no framework to fit them into? And what if each of these people had a secret that affected everything they did, but which they could tell no one about?

This is the backdrop for Eschaton. A world weaned on comic books that suddenly gets the type of heroes and villains it previously only saw in print or on the big screen. Eschaton is a superheroic setting, but one that takes a hard look at how the real world would view such empowered individuals and the social chaos that would come when people with ambitions and agendas acquire the power to be above the law. Eco-warriors who can lift bulldozers, terrorists who can teleport, politicians who can cloud minds, and so on.

You play an Agent, Super, or even an Ultra in a world rebuilding from what was called the Year of Chaos, using your powers to make a difference, thwart those who oppose your vision, and sway the hearts and minds of the seven billion who do not have your powers but do have to live in the world you and your kind are making.

Eschaton is a supplement for the EABA v2 RPG, 289 pages of powers and perils, with over 50 pre-constructed heroes and villains of varying power levels, and a hundred pages of campaign guide and setting material. Eschaton is an augmented PDF whose full features work in Acrobat Reader and PDF Expert (iOS 9), but normal hyperlinking and indexing should work on any PDF reader. Download the Preview file and read more. Eschaton also includes a grayscale version for those who want to print their own copy, and art files for all the heroes and villains for your personal use.

Written by Greg Porter