End of Days v1.0



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Doomsday Scenario

The height of the Cold War, the early days of the Space Race. International astronomers discover a massive asteroid hurtling towards the inner solar system . . . and an eventual, inevitable collision with Earth.

Your job:

  • 1.Build rockets to get a chosen few of your people safely to Mars
  • 2. Sabotage the projects of your enemies
  • 3. Do not start a cycle of retribution that results in the extinction of humanity

End of Days is a tongue-in-cheek tactical card game for 3-6 players, where you have to cooperate and trade with the same people you're trying to sabotage and leave behind, in a Machiavellian cross between a game of Chicken and Russian Roulette.

Suitable for ages 12 and up, and takes half an hour to over an hour to play, depending on the number of players. The sample download is the entire rules booklet, so have a look for yourself!

Written by Greg Porter