EABA v2.01



Available Now!

EABA v2 is a technological and to some extent conceptual evolution of the first edition of EABA (or EABA v1). EABA is the self-mocking acronym for the End All Be All role-playing system, a universal system designed to work with any genre, level of realism or gamemaster style. BTRC has been at the bleeding edge of pdf development, with our first pdf gaming products actually predating the advent of places to sell them. EABA v2 continues the tradition, in that it is designed from the start to be a tablet-friendly game, but it is also equally at home on the desktop, laptop or in print-it-yourself form. In its most sophisticated form, the pdf has:

  • pop-up navigation menus
  • fully hyperlinked
  • built-in dice roller
  • semi-automated character sheets
  • ability to import pictures directly into character sheet
  • on-screen mapping
  • one-click character creation
  • savable changes so you can have your own library of custom characters, NPC's, vehicles, maps and so on.

And all this is in the pdf, so you do not need anything other than a pdf app capable of implementing it. At the moment, the best choices are Acrobat Reader (desktop), PDF Expert (iOS) and qPDF (Android). A free quickstart version with all the advanced features can be downloaded from here, and a video demo can be watched here.

Written by Greg Porter