Dungeon Crawl Classics #83: The Chained Coffin PDF (Hardcover Version)

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A whispered voice calls from a coffin bound in chains, urging the heroes into the depths of the Shudder Mountains, a place rife with superstition and forlorn secrets. In the shadowy, pine-grown valleys of the Deep Hollows lurk mysteries of a bygone age and a new evil emerging from the ruins of the past. The adventurers must plumb the mountains' secluded reaches to root out this rising terror before its power comes to fruition. Standing in their path are cackling witches, subtle devils, lingering spirits, and a foul thing that moves in the night. Can the heroes appease that which lies within the Chained Coffin and thwart the dawn of a new and terrible age?

DCC #83: The Chained Coffin was originally released in 2014. The boxed set proved immensely popular, and not just for the spinning map puzzle. The Appalachian-style fantasy setting of The Shudder Mountains, inspired by the works of Appendix-N author Manly Wade Wellman, provides a unique place for your characters to adventure. Michael Curtis brings The Shudder Mountains alive, creating several supplemental volumes.


  • A compilation of all material from the original boxed set
  • All stretch goal booklets
  • All content from DCC #83.1: Tales of the Shudder Mountains
  • All content from DCC #83.2: Death Among the Pines
  • The Shudder Mountain material from the Gen Con Program Guides
  • An adventure set in the Shudder Mountains Buzzard Hollow
  • Ma Bigginty's Book of Backwoods Wisdom, a collection of inspiring material that brings the Shudder Mountains to life in your game

Special Feature: The Spinning Wheel Puzzle

This adventure includes a number of supernatural locations. The entrance to one is blocked by a supernatural door. This door comprises a special spinning wheel puzzle that forms a central puzzle in the adventure.

Beyond the ancient bridge is a 40' wide, 30' deep ledge that lies perpendicular to a sheer rock face. Set into the rocky cliff at the far side of the ledge stands a great stone archway sealed by an imposing door. Blue bolts of lightning ripple silently across the door's face, hinting at magical wards or seals. In the center of the door are three circular dials set one inside the next. Each dial bears several different symbols, no two of which repeat.