CORPS Apocalypse



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Apocalypse, a CORPS game universe set in a bleak alternate present. There have always been other worlds touching ours. Invisible and unreachable. Worlds both of matter and of energy, not always the same as ours. In the closing days of World War 2, this border was breached by energy unimaginable and human sacrifice on an appalling scale. The Alferi came through the breach and the dead rose from their graves.

It's 50 years later. The Alferi rule mankind with an iron hand, their inferior numbers backed by both superior technology and arcane powers. Outside the Great Wall, the undead still hunger. Inside, the human resistance movement plots and schemes . . .

Apocalypse is rife with possibilities for adventure, a partisan action by oppressed humanity against a merciless invader with access to supernatural power. Apocalypse is a 128-page book for the CORPS RPG system, most of which is background detail.

Written by Ed Rice