0one's Page Dungeons: Eyes of the Serpent-God

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A pair of rubies have been stolen from the royal palace last night. The jewels are called "the Eyes of the Serpent," and legend tells that should the jewels be returned to the Serpent God, he shall bestow to they who returns them unimaginable power. The city guards spotted the thief entering the ancient underground complex, but were unable to block him. Now it's the party's turn to chase him.

Grab a dungeon, add your favorite RPG system, and go!

Each 0one's Page Dungeon features one dungeon, map, and description, contained in one single page. The description is a complete adventure you can play as-is (adding statblocks) or expand as you wish. Of course, being the whole adventure contained in half a page can't be exhaustive, so only main guidelines are given.

These dungeons make perfect side treks as they are, and can become fully fleshed-out adventures with a little bit of work.

For each dungeon you get a color page, a print-friendly page, and a page containing only the dungeon with a blank space for your notes should you want to build a new adventure from scratch.

The dungeon description contains usually keyed locations plus three additional paragraphs, helping you to insert the adventure in your own campaign.

Written by Mario Barbati