Cardboard Heroes: Fantasy Set 10 - Traps and Treasures

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Digital Cardboard Heroes! Classically illustrated full-color figures, ready for any fantasy adventure. Print one sheet, or thousands!

Cardboard Heroes: Fantasy sets bring the often-requested reprint of the classic CBH figures to the digital format. Each beautifully drawn character, in the 28mm scale, is formatted to stand on its own (using the handy folding system).

Cardboard Heroes: Fantasy Set 10 – Traps and Treasures features counters with all types of dungeon goodies. There's the good: weapons, baubles, treasure chests, gold, and other loot. There's the bad: treacherous pits, pressure traps, and doors in the floor probably leading to new perils. And there's the ugly: corpses and skeletons – no doubt the bodies of those who've fallen prey to the dungeon dangers. Watch your step!

Written by Denis Loubet