GURPS Infinite Worlds: Atlantropa

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Sea Change, Figurative and Literal

In 1928, Bavarian architect Herman Sörgel proposed the Atlantropa Project: a plan to defuse interbellum Europe's ticking geopolitical and social time bomb by using giant dams to lower the level of the Mediterranean in order to deliver more living space and ample hydroelectricity. In our world, this never came to pass. In GURPS Infinite Worlds, the Infinity Patrol has discovered many timelines where the project – or something like – it was realized.

The first of these, and the focus of this supplement, is Atlantropa-1, where the project might have caused more problems than it solved! It did lead to advances in megascale engineering, which in turn enabled the construction of many other megastructures. Unfortunately, it also had a profound, negative ecological impact and triggered a five-way Cold War that makes the one on our world look tame. These developments collectively led to advances in aerospace technology and biotechnology, which brought their own difficulties. Now the Earth is transformed in every sense – hydrologically, climatologically, ecologically, politically, economically, technologically, and more – and it's an open question whether it's for the better.

Dive into a world of espionage, revolution, and terrorism. Save the Amazon rainforest. Hunt for treasure among the exposed shipwrecks of the Mediterranean. Or just take a tour of the megastructures. GURPS Infinite Worlds: Atlantropa has you covered for all this and more, whether you're a local or an outtimer.