Federation Commander: Klingon Ship Card Pack #5

Amarillo Design Bureau SKU: ADB4835



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Federation Commander players, you wanted to have more ships for the Klingon Empire; now you have them!

Ten Federation Commander ship cards for the Klingon Empire, including:

  • C9 Dreadnought
  • D7Z Battlecruiser
  • D5G Commando Cruiser
  • HF5 Heavy War Destroyer
  • E3 Corvette
  • D6K Heavy Cruiser
  • D70 Mission Cruiser
  • D60 Mission Cruiser
  • D50 Mission Cruiser
  • E40 Mission Frigate

The pack also includes the ship histories and the graphics for the counters. Each ship is presented in high resolution in both fleet scale and squadron scale.

The pack is only available as an e-pack.