Dungeon Fantasy: Citadel at Nordvorn

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Return to Norðlond, a Viking-flavored world with its own history, culture, and expectations. Visit as an outsider, or fresh from a victory rediscovering the Hall of Judgment.

The Citadel at Norðvörn is a setting for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG. It consists of three major settlements, many small villages, at least one ruin, and vast, monster-filled wildernesses. As much trouble as any party of would-be heroes could wish.

The Citadel at Norðvörn is intended for starting Dungeon Fantasy RPG characters of 250 points. They will be major players, and the fulcrum around which the future of Norðlond turns. While it is set in the same world as Hall of Judgment, it is not sequel.

What's in the Book?

Norðvörn. Details the key locations in the city, from the Keep itself, to details of Laegribaer – the lower town. The book describes the local geography, key natural resources that are important to trade and commerce, local landmarks, a detailed city map, and of course details on law, guilds, religion, and things to buy and sell. It continues the trend from Hall of Judgment offering information about Festivals: excellent tools to introduce a new group of players to the city and culture.

Löngbrú. More than any other settlement in the book, Löngbrú is the area best set up to be considered "Town," (Exploits p. 13). It is a staging point and clearinghouse for adventure and treasure, and has everything required for a good start to killing monsters and taking their stuff.

Áinferill. A town in crisis. The jarl recently lost his eldest son Asbjorn and his wife in a misadventure in the Endalaus forest, killed and presumed eaten by the dragonkin. Why was Asbjorn even there? Discover a chain of events that could consume the entire region; perhaps that chain of events started two generations in the past?

Other Villages. The space between the larger settlements is not empty. Every few miles, a traveler finds a small village, home to perhaps a hundred or so families. Perhaps it's a farming village, or a riverside community blessed with productive orchards, or a failing logging town, remote and dying. The book details several sample villages, and a create-your-own village generator adds variety to the game!

Supporting Cast. Meet Egil Skarpuror, the Castellan of Norðvörn and his wife Olrun Skotblad. Learn the secret history of Orm Karisson, huskarl to Egil and father to Ylsa Eldhar. Meet Gunnulf Kaldrvik, Jarl of Ainferill, and watch his rule disintegrate, despite the worthy efforts of his surviving daughter Asleif. From minor wardens to powerful nobles and influential clerics, The Citadel at Norðvörn has you covered.

Bestiary. A short list of important creatures to be fought and dealt with, including details on the the minor dragonkin: eðlufolk and gangaeðla.

Factions and Encounter Seeds

The Citadel at Norðvörn details the goals and motivations, methods and tactics for NPCs: each can want something, and the GM will know what they're willing to do to get it.

  • The Eðlafolk and their gangaeðla minions are swarming in the forest, threatening loggers and the Wall itself. Why?
  • Faerie raids into the Hunted Lands, and even beyond, are occurring with terrifyingly regular, and increasing, frequency. What happened? Why now? Can anything be done?
  • Gunnulf is misbehaving more and more each day. Always hot-tempered he flaunts his new mistress and hardly seems to grieve for his fallen wife and son . . . and each day steps closer to a feud the land cannot afford.

From big to small, grand plots and random encounters in the forest, the book provides a detailed relationship map so that the GM will know who reacts to each string, and why.

Written by Douglas H. Cole